Mastering Your Mindful Digital Self

Break free from society's expectations

Did you know that the average person checks their devices over 150 times a day or every 6 minutes? Digital addiction is a silent epidemic that affects over 4 billion people on our planet around the clock, 365 days a year.  Right now is our time to bring awareness and action towards a solution.

Feeling like we need to check-in can create anxiety in our selves and those we love. In this course, you will gain an understanding of why we are spending so many precious moments on our devices. When we disconnect from digital platforms, we can often feel lonely and out of touch, but this is just an illusion designed by a few powerful corporations. 

Mastering your mindful digital self will provide you with the following:

  • 10 Thought-provoking videos 
  • 8 Journal reflections
  • 5 Quizzes 
  • Guided attention training meditation
  • A course discussion board where you can share questions and ideas

We all deserve to feel worthy from the inside out. Becoming mindful of how we spend our time can transform our days and our sense of self. But first, we must create awareness around how digital platforms are designed to be addictive and to prey on our most primitive emotions. 

What we hope you take away from this course are the following tools: 

  • To create daily mindful rituals that will bring presence into each day.
  • To develop a deep connection with ourselves and others that we all crave. 
  • That technology can be a fantastic tool when we integrate mindfulness into our experience, to be our most authentic self.
  • That together, we can connect with purpose and develop joy while being less reactive when experiencing discomfort online.

This course is thought by Orshi Wren, Integrative Health and Mindfulness Practitioner accredited by Duke University’s Integrative Medicine. Out of her passion for rituals was born Astral House, a lifestyle brand for Modern Mindful Living. Her vision for the future is to share her journey and help others remove the roadblocks they have put on their paths.

What others are saying about this course:

lindsay matacchiero

Feeling recharged and refocused!

I didn’t realize how much my anxiety was caused by going from screen to screen! From my phone to a laptop, back and forth throughout the day. My mind was being inundated and overstimulated with a constant flow of other people’s thoughts and images...

thomas Paterek

Insightful course , shifted my perspective

This course was awesome. The topic is really interesting and something that I don’t think a lot of people are talking about. The learnings were practical for managing everyday anxiety that comes from our digital connection. I’d highly recommend th...

Are You Ready to Master Your Mindful Digital Self?



Many of us are living double lives, suffering alone and portraying images of peace and happiness through their digital selves. Whether we buy into the game fully or not, the stories we sell, and the way we present ourselves affects the relationship with Our SELF and others. This section is meant to help you cut through the Fake Self and bring awareness to your current inner landscape. We’ll explore the different lenses we use to perceive our lives, hopes and dreams, while asking the right questions for Self-transformation: What qualities within me do I want to grow? Who do I want to become?


Similar to slot machines, many digital platforms implement a dopamine reward pattern that is optimized to keep you engaged. 73% of people claim to have a unique flavor of anxiety from swiping, tapping, and typing. This lesson focuses on creating separation from conditioning and our most primitive emotions - Fear, anxiety and loneliness. We’ll explore ways of breaking cycles of destructive habits and boredom.


If tomorrow there was a digital blackout, what would be the things that would consume our time? Our gratitude meter is a good indication of what matters to us and gets us closer to our purpose. In this lesson we’ll prioritize what matters, so that we can set boundaries when the distractions hit and try to knock us off our game.


Any negative emotion that isn’t brought to light drags us into patterns that don’t serve us. Observing our mind, as it wants to play out a variety of emotions like jealousy, fear or comparison is the first step. At the root of these emotions are our deepest desires and needs. In this Lesson We learn to feed oursevelves the things we crave the most, instead of letting it play out insubconsciously in destructive ways.


Beyond selfies lies a basic human desire for need for validation. When we don’t feel accomplished or appreciated in our real life, we tend to look for that attention online- via likes or approval- we grasp to gain some control – wasn’t my trip fun? Do I look good today? In this lesson we will focus on innately feeling confident and doing the best we can with our talents and abilities. To trust and like who we are becoming and being our own cheerleader- instead of looking for sporadic attention and approval outside of us.


In this Lesson we are focusing on unhooking Digital Distractions and getting over the anxiety of not reacting to a text, email or notifications. Reclaiming conversations, travels, dinners and relationships by being active and present in them. We’ll learn to go from coping to thriving.


Training your MIND to focus at will is no easy task, yet crucial. Our brains have a built in Negativity Bias, so you are more likely to remember something traumatic dramatic, violent, absurd then something happy and uplifting. In this lesson we will learn to REFOCUS and consciously elevate our attention for better mood, less stress and to maximize crucial creativity hours.


This lesson is all about Returning to wonder trust and discipline. Rediscovering Quietness of Mind without getting bored or feeling uneasy about it. We’ll learn to not only be comfortable but also enjoy our own company and discover the things that keep us grounded.In a culture that is subconsciously encourages us to stay small, to appear humble and not celebrate our successes, we’ll learn to take up the space that we know we deserve deep down- just for being alive.


Instead of lurking or passively scrolling through a never-ending plethora of posts, WE HAVE THE CHOICE stop and ask the important questions. In this lesson, we’ll discuss and practice guidelines for sharing, like: Is it kind? Necessary? Helpful?


In this lesson we’ll talk about healthy habit formation and using tools like ANCHORING, as well as Naturally Dopamine Increasing Activities to help us balance the hours we spend Online. We’ll practice morning and evening check Ins and incorporate our previously found priorities into our daily routines. This lesson end with a full overview of how our days are envisioned around the things that are important to us.

Are You Ready to Master Your Mindful Digital Self?


Course Materials

10 Videos
5 Quizzes
8 Surveys
Orshi Wren
Orshi Wren
Integrative Health & Mindfulness Coach

About Your Instructor

Orshi Wren is the Founder of Astral House and has studied and practiced meditation and yoga for more than 15 years. She began her journey to help her own stress and anxiety and to find a practice that has long-term positive effects instead of a quick fix.

Trained at DUKE Integrative Medicine in Integrative Health and Mindfulness, Orshi uses this blended WHOLE person approach to coach her clients towards the healthiest and most fulfilled version of themselves. “Mindfulness is not a religion, it’s a way of life, and the effects are experienced in the ordinariness of life, in traffic, in our communication, our listening and in the daily choices we make. We become less reactive, more compassionate and able to see over time all the unhealthy thoughts and patterns that we have been carrying around. Transformation occurs the moment we realize we have a choice, and we choose to act out of Love instead of fear. “

Orshi credits finding her Shambhala Community in her early 20's as the strong foundation for self acceptance and growth while going through a divorce at just 24. She later dove into the infamously challenging 10 Day Vipassana Silent Meditation Practice, which is like running a marathon for your mind. 

What you will find in Orshi’s approach is that it’s relevant and meaningful to living Mindfully in a modern world. Mindful Social Media, Mindful Diet and Mindful Dating are just a few of the topics she dives in during one of her teachings.

“ Teaching what I have personally struggled with in the past has given me the compassion and empathy for everyone who is experiencing something similar. I want to let people know that they are not alone, and that it is in the sharing of the painful and difficult that we heal. I want to let people know that they are WHOLE, not broken and that the highlight reels and sharing only what is pleasant isn’t reality.”

Are You Ready to Master Your Mindful Digital Self?


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